At Zebraa, we focus on the “I” – the INCLUSION part of all D&I projects in an integrally informed fashion. We focus on gender diversity.

According to research by AT Kearney, women tend to score higher on organizational effectiveness; they tend to have more open discussions, and their presence often facilities diversity of thought and better decision-making.Companies with women in leadership positions tend to have 4 percent better growth and return on equity than those with fewer women leaders.

Despite statistics it is challenging for companies to successfully grow and maintain their women workforce. It is counter intuitive that companies who are driven by intelligent leadership teams with a focus on success, find it a long haul when tasked with diversity.

Some of the larger challenges for companies are:

  1. Workplace Environment and Bias: Preconceived mindsets of men and women with regard to women leaders, their place in our complex society and their abilities.
  2. Women Leader Development: Challenges in getting the organization to run programs that focus on mentoring and coaching of women
  3. Women and HR Conflicts: HR policies that do not support or represent women, on issues ranging from harassment to maternity leave.

If you are building diversity in your organization, we work on customized programs with the human resources function to run a mix of bespoke workshops and individual coaching for teams to develop and include senior women leaders in the workspace.

We work to:

  1. Retain middle to senior management level women and stop them from falling through the gaps by coaching
  2. Build and empower the change agents with messaging and conflict resolution techniques
  3. Increase numbers of women leaders in the workplace via effective communication, helping identify viable growth paths with their manager sand HR and training.
  4. Mentor high potential women at all levels by setting up an internal program.

Aparna meets with organisational leaders to understand objectives of the inclusion program and creates deliverable and time bound based projects to assist with the companies needs.