ZEBRA COMPETE – The Sports Mental Coaching Program



At Zebraa, we champion people to success in sport.

The mental game is critical to success and accounts for almost 90% of the game, yet most athletes spend a large time on the physical and skill based aspects of their games.

Aparna works with athletes to sharpen their mental game and help bring focus, resilience, edginess yet calm.

If you are an athlete and are challenged by any of the issues seen most commonly in sportspeople, call us.

  • Anger and frustration management issues
  • Focus loss issues
  • Resilience and ability to stay on track when game is not at its best
  • Communication with team / peers/ coaches / managers that affect your end game
  • Confidence issues

Aparna works one on one for a minimum period of 6 months with each client to study and bring dramatic improvement to your competitive game.