ZEBRAA 360 LITE – Post 360 Short Engagement


Zebra 360 Lite


The Zebraa 360 Lite is for organisations that invest money in 360 reviews and are looking for short term engagements to work with the top three challenges of their employees.

While 360 feedback is one of the most popular employee feedback process,organisations need assistance in maximising the results of the feedback.

This requires coaching since most of the results lead to development which is less task or skill based and more personality and leadership based.

Aparna works with companies to analyse the top three areas where leaders need helps and engages in a multi-employee, individual based coaching program for organisations.

She focuses on each employees challenge area and helps them quickly transition to build and bring strengths, so as to enhance the overall effectiveness of the leader.

This also effectively brings the 360 to a closed developmental loop.





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