THE CXO PROGRAM – Transformative Coaching for Senior Leaders


Transformative Coaching for Leaders

The CXO Program is designed for top leadership levels. Leaders frequently take on significant challenges and transitions – both professionally and in their personal lives. It is lonely at the top as there are few resources available, or people who really understand situations and provide guidance, counsel and quick scale up to build capacities and skills needed.

Challenges in leadership are either skill based or behavioural based.

While skills can be taught behaviours and attitudes are mindsets that change over time.

The CXO program is built to provide long term, sticky change to leaders. This has led to increased productivity and happier work environments in addition to personal growth.

Transformative coaching is especially helpful for leaders contemplating the following moves:

1. A promotion or a move to a new company to a senior leadership role. This involves:

  • Delivering quick results under scrutiny and handling a large number of employees;
  • Managing senior and more experienced managers;
  • Short crunch time in which to build strong relationships with board members and key advisors.

2. Moving to a different country or moving from India to regional roles. This involves

  • Understanding management styles
  • Working personally on areas for cultural accommodation
  • Maintaining high performance standards from teams

3. Moving to a new sector or a new function, outside core expertise.

4. Moving to “what next?” The CEO conundrum

  • Move to an entrepreneurial position
  • Move to board level positions
  • Move to the social sector to drive impact in commitment areas

Transformative coaching uses the Integral Method to strengthen a leader’s abilities and transform “challenge areas” into new capabilities and skills.

Leaders often get caught up in current successes and brush aside their more testing areas of development.

Aparna works with clients to identify these challenge areas and to help individuals transition and build strenghts.

Transformative coaching helps to generate:

  • Charismatic leadership
  • Development of more effective teams
  • Creation of newer markets and niches
  • Business results
  • Lasting impact and influence

Aparna coaches senior leaders, one-on-one, over a period of 9 to 12 months. These are personalized sessions every 2 weeks.

Aparna offers a free 30 minute unbilled session to evaluate your needs and for both parties to ensure comfort levels with one other given strict confidentiality agreements.