OWN IT© – The Glass Ceiling Program for Women


Own It Coaching PodsOwn It© Coaching Pods are designed for dynamic women who are committed to breaking the glass ceiling. Pods consist of groups of 5 to 15 professionals women working at similar levels, in different sectors.

Organisations need to bring growth and gender diversity at all levels in their teams. Own It© Pods, work hand in hand with the organisations to help them develop, retain and grow the women leadership in the company.

Some sectors we work with are:

  1. Start-ups (women founders)
  2. Professionals in the services industry (finance, insurance, hospitality, law, advertising)
  3. Professionals in the product industry

The program comprises a robust mix of skill training plus personal coaching. It is based on the AQAL model of Integral Coaching.

Individual coaching sessions are tailored specifically to the client. Coaching circles foster skill building, functional growth and brings interaction with experts and potential mentors.

Workshops include:

1. Integral Influence:

  • Building influence within companies and with teams, clients, peers, bosses, boards
  • Building networks of peers and power
  • Next Level Leadership

2. Integral Pulpit

  • Public speaking, presentation building, the art of extemporaneous speech
  • Power Speech

3. Integral Right Brain

  • Integral Art &Photography
  • Integral Storytelling via Cartography
  • Hands-On Integral

4. Integral Clan

  • Building, reading, leading and working with teams using the Integral model
  • Conflict Resolution

5. Integral Somatics

  • Stress Busters
  • Physiological pain relievers
  • Presence and mindfulness
  • Yoga and fitness


Pods commit to gender diversity development programs within their company and also agree to be mentors.

The Own It© Pods comprise 10 sessions of individual coaching and 5 group workshops.

Each workshop runs 7 hours.

This program is spread over 9 months.