BESPOKE INTEGRAL PODS – Tailored Company Program



Bespoke Integral Pods are for clients who want to rapidly advance employees in management positions on a  “fast-track” program.

This is a short-term high-impact program, that brings together functional workshops combined with coaching which is designed specifically to the company or industry.

It uses the Integral methodology to find groundbreaking solutions on operational and team challenges.

These are suitable for:

  • Start-ups that need to robustly develop and grow their lead teams quickly to complete specific tasks. These roles can be challenging because of VC or Private investment pressures. Teams require quick scale up, new and integrated working styles, sales and marketing training, and business process thinking.
  •  Companies facing challenges in keeping up with the competition. In todays fast-changing environment, where technology and demand are forcing innovation, restructuring, re-alignment and disruption in business models, companies who find it challenging to bring their people cohesively to the table.
  •  Companies who want to inject fresh thinking and methodology to their senior teams. Industries that are established, but are seeing stagnancy beginning to set into the processes and people.


The program lasts between 6-7 months and includes 5 sessions of one-on-one-coaching and 6 workshops.

Aparna works with industry specific specialist teams to run this program.