Aparna Jain


Aparna is India's first certified Integral Master CoachTM  She has spent the last 22 years in various industry in Corporate India and in Media. Her roles have ranged from operations to marketing. After graduating with a double specialisation in sales & marketing and food & beverage from Switzerland, she did a post-graduate program from the Oberoi School of Hotel Management.   She moved within a year to full time marketing and worked in the technology and internet industry for a decade.  Companies included Unimobile, Telecom Companies SkyCell and Sasken. She then moved to media as head of marketing for the lifestyle group for India Today for magazines Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, Design Today and India Today Travel Plus. In 2010 she joined Tehelka as Vice President, Marketing and was also the Executive Director for THINK for 2011 and 2012.   


Her interest in development and corporate excellence led her to study further and she qualified as an Integral Master CoachTM from Integral Coaching Canada which is considered the gold class of coaching today.  


In 2012, Aparna started Zebraa Works, her own company that specializes in Integral Coaching. She works with both senior corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to offer coaching using the Integral methodology. 


Aparna also believes in the power of women, and has seen how they can bring concious leadership to businesses and new models to the workplace.  She has developed a program exclusively for women called Own It Pods. She has also worked with a number of companies to consult on leading their marketing teams, restructuring and training them as part of her Bespoke Integral Program.


Aparna has been on TV panels and in the media on gender equity and conscious leadership and she travels around the country to speak on both.


She has authored Own It: Leadership Lessons for Women Who Do (HarperCollins India) on Leadership & Women in the Indian workplace and is now working on another book. ©.



For those in the know, Aparna is an E7w8, UR/LL


Aparna enjoys:

Neruda, the cello (Which she is learning to play in bits and spurts), Coldplay, Delhi winters, Camilla Lackberg, her Macbook Air, Europe, grass under her feet, Krug with Dunbarton cheese, political suspense and period drama TV, escargot with parsley butter, spirited arguments, poetry, magenta bougainvillea, presencing meditation, Bach & Puccini, a head 'maalish', Krug, Sushi, bitter chocolate with hazelnuts, general level politics, Charlie Brown, the most unhealthy M&Ms Snack mix, her assorted nieces and nephews,the giant curry patta tree at her home and twitter (@aparna)

She is challenged by a daily workout routine and hopes that this will move to her "enjoys" list in a year.